Engine History & Design

We develop and manufacture the world’s most powerful four-stroke engines for radio-controlled model airplanes.

We produce our engines from modular components. The individual modules are made of high-quality solid materials. Thanks to the modular design, we are able to customize our engines in order to meet the special requirements of our customers. Our world-class, innovative processing ensures that our standard products, special editions, and accessories meet the highest standards.

42 standard models are either stocked in Austria, or can be made available at short notice. Custom-made models require individual waiting and delivery times.

The legendary IL230-3 engine with 3 Nicasil-coated cylinders is a true powerhouse. It was fitted in the first Galloping Ghost by Otto Widlroither. It is a further development of the IL200 engine, with reduced weight and more power output. Its sound is an absolute dream for every engine enthusiast. These engines are available in long and short versions, similar to our engine modules. All versions can be equipped with electric starters. The special edition of this engine, “CARF Galloping Ghost”, was tailored for the new CARF line up of reno racers. All parts required for the installation are supplied as standard.

Otto Widlroither later installed the il310 4 cylinder engine and enjoyed much success with the airframe and engine combination. The IL310-4 engine is a true master of power and performance. Its 4-cylinder sound inspires every model enthusiast. The engine is perfectly suited for models with a take-off weight of up to 60kg. It is available in the long and short version, as well as with and without an electric starter. For popular models, we offer installation kits that include CNC-milled frames and a 3D-printed shroud.

Single-cylinder engines.
EZ50 and EZ77 are the smallest engines in our product range. They are suitable for warbirds and scale models, as well as for aerobatic models with a take-off weight of up to 16 kg. They can be equipped with an electric starter, which makes them suitable also for motor gliders. Thanks to their lean design, they fit even underneath small bonnets. They are thus the perfect drives for multi-engine airplanes and motor gliders.

Flat / Boxer Engines.
Flat engines were specially developed for tow planes and aerobatic airplanes with a take-off weight of up to 50 kg. The reliability of these engines has been established over many years of practice tests. When combined with compact silencers, flat engines become “whisper drives”. Additional electric starters make them world-class drive units.






In-line engines.

Our in-line engines were specially developed for warbirds and scale models with a take-off weight of up to 60 kg. We specialize in RC engines. Our engine versions range from 100 to 310 cm³, covering a vast spectrum of models. To help our customers with installation, we have compiled comprehensive documentation on “Installing and cooling in-line engines”.


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